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The Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network has been established to develop and deliver fungicide resistance resources for grains growers and advisers across the country. It brings together regional plant pathologists, fungicide resistance experts and communications and extension specialists.

We want to equip growers with the knowledge and understanding they need to reduce the emergence and manage the impacts of fungicide resistance in Australian grains.

Fungicide resistance is a significant problem in Australian cropping

Resistance arises when fungi are overexposed to fungicides from the same chemical mode of action group. It can become a major constraint to good disease control, especially where no alternative fungicide or host-plant resistance is available.

When fungicides are applied regularly the resistant individuals that survive can come to dominate the fungal population.

Fungicide resistance varies greatly according to the specific combination of host plant, pathogen, and fungicide group – which means management strategies need to be tailored to each scenario for best effect.

Good agronomic practices and responsible use of fungicides can help minimise the risk of fungicide resistance developing.

Resistance is more prevalent in areas with higher disease pressure, where fungicides may be applied more frequently.


AFREN is developing a range of resources for growers and advisers, including:

Visit the Resources section to view and download information, check for workshops in your area, and more.

How are you managing disease and resistance?

AFREN is running an online survey of growers and advisers in order to establish current fungicide resistance knowledge and management practices.

This survey is designed to measure any changes in behaviour following an initial baseline survey conducted in 2020, which had solid engagement from across Australian growers, advisers and agronomists.

The survey is anonymous. Whether you consider yourself an expert, a responsible fungicide user, or just want an idea of how your current knowledge measures up, your participation will be valuable to AFREN’s ongoing fungicide resistance extension work.

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