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We need your input – fungicide resistance awareness in the spotlight

We need your input – fungicide resistance awareness in the spotlight

Grain growers and advisers are invited to take part in a national Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN) survey to gauge awareness of fungicide resistance issues and management.
Whether you consider yourself an expert, a responsible fungicide user, or just want an idea of how your current knowledge measures up, your participation will be valuable to AFREN’s ongoing fungicide resistance extension work.

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AFREN support network to tackle fungicide resistance

AFREN support network to tackle fungicide resistance

With the right support, growers and advisers can successfully manage and prevent fungicide resistance.

With the increasing use of fungicides for disease control in crops over the past 20 years, there has been a corresponding rise in cases of fungicide resistance in many common pathogens.

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AFREN recently hosted a series of regionally focused webinars to discuss recent fungicide resistance developments and issues relevant to each growing region. 


Managing cereal and canola foliar diseases and fungicide resistance

Agronomists and grain growers are invited to discuss the cutting edge of cereal and canola disease and fungicide resistance management in a 2-day GRDC-supported workshop, brought to you by the Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN).

"Coupling the field expertise of up to 20 leading agronomists with the fire-power of Nick Poole, Steve Marcroft, Fran Lopez-Ruiz and expert plant pathologists from each region, these discussions will be lively and targeted on issues of regional importance and how this is reflected in advice to growers. It’s a great mix, and all who attend – no matter how experienced, will pick up new and valued understanding," workshop facilitator John Cameron said.

These ‘small group’ workshops cover:

  • Cereal growth stages and spray decisions
  • Where different fungicides fit
  • Fungicide resistance management and resources
  • Integrating fungicides, varieties, epidemiology, and seasons for fun and profit
  • Cereal canopy management interactions with foliar disease decision making
  • Management strategies in cereal and canola that consider the underlying risk of fungicide resistance
  • Strategies for managing SDHI and other resistance issues, including net blotches in barley and triazole resistance in powdery mildew



Contact us for an event

If you’re interested in having one of our team present an information session on fungicide resistance to your grower or advisory group, please get in touch.

We have regional pathologists in all states, and can deliver online via an interactive Zoom or meet in person if COVID-restrictions allow.


Share your experiences

Share your experiences with fungal pathogens and fungicide resistance with AFREN and other farmers. Upload photos of fungal infections in your crops, or your stories of fungicide resistance.

Please provide as much information as possible in the upload form.

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